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Visit our salon for fat dissolving injections in Swansea and benefit from safe, effective, long-lasting results. We offer a wide range of treatments that will tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of fat on the face and body including the chin, jawline, abdomen, arms, back, thighs and more! We also offer all of our customers a free consultation and can talk you through your treatment options to ensure that your chosen procedure is suitable. Speak to the team today at Sun Lounge.


DESO is a non-invasive and non-surgical fat dissolving injection, that helps treat any unwanted areas. It is particularly popular for facial features like the chin or jawline and offers a fast effective solution for problems like access skin or a double chin.


In today’s health industry most people want to look and feel their best. However sometimes eating right and exercising alone doesn’t always give you the results you are hoping for. So why not shift any stubborn fat with our safe and convenient fat reduction solution? Using our DESO dissolving injections we can pinpoint specific areas of your body to destroy unwanted fat cells. Our services include:

The Benefits of Fat Dissolving Injections


This is a non-invasive alternative solution to surgery. No need for cuts and stitches on the body.

Focus on specific area

This treatment focuses on the problem area only, thus making it less invasive on your whole body.

Quick and effective

There are no hours of stay in the clinic. After the procedure, you won’t need any hospitalisation.

Short down time process

As the liquid is only injected into fat deposits, there is little to no downtime for recovery.

Aftercare Advice

Once your procedure is complete, our expert therapists provide friendly and professional aftercare advice, so you can leave the salon with complete confidence.

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