Teeth Whitening Swansea

Are your teeth discoloured or stained? Then visit our clinic in Swansea for an instant and brighter smile. We provide a professional teeth whitening service to remove stubborn stains and leave you with a set of natural-looking pearly whites. Our trained team will examine your teeth and talk you through the various stages of the process during your consultation to ensure the best results. Furthermore, you will receive friendly aftercare advice to continue your routine at home. Call now to get started.

Teeth Whitening Services

Naturally, stains and discoloration can build up over time from everyday methods like drinking coffee or smoking. We will rebalance the colour of your teeth to achieve a naturally brighter smile from 3 to 12 shades whiter. Our process includes:

Professional Teeth Whitening

With many high street teeth whitening products and options out there, it can become confusing and overwhelming. Not only that, but it can be expensive and you might not get the results you were hoping for. So why not leave it to the experts? With many advantages on offer we will do our absolute best to achieve your desired outcome.

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