Semi-Permanent Make Up Swansea

Enhance your natural beauty and save valuable time on your beauty regime with a visit to our salon for semi-permanent make up in Swansea. We listen carefully to your requirements during the consultation phase and go above and beyond to deliver your desired look, using advanced micropigmentation techniques and salon professional products. So, whether you are looking for the perfect permanent brows or a natural eyelash enhancement we can help you achieve a natural and effortless appearance. Call now, for long-lasting make up results.

Long-Lasting Make Up

We offer a wide range of treatments that will frame your face, give you confidence and save you time and money on your morning make up routine. Our micropigmentation services include:

Nano Brows

If you are looking for perfect brows everyday, then we have you covered! This semi-permanent treatment gives the brows volume and definition by adding fine hair strokes between natural hair through micropigmentation. This is the ideal solution for those with finer and fairer hair or thinning brows that are looking to add definition and volume.

Semi-Permanent Make Up Artists

Our talented team will talk you through our list of options and discuss the results you would like to achieve at the consultation. This is a versatile service that can help to achieve many looks, from subtle and natural to more defined and glam. In addition, our therapists will offer you full aftercare advice to prolong and protect your new look.

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